February 8, 2023

Amazon outlet cable review_01

I actually purchased genuine accessories to see if it’s okay to buy Apple products sold by Amazon outlets.

Validate Apple products on sale at Amazon Outlets

What I purchased this time is the Apple Watch magnetic fast charging – USB-C cable (1m), which is sold at the Apple Store for 4,780 yen including tax.
The selling price at the Amazon outlet was 3,827 yen including tax, and the degree was “used: very good”.
Amazon Outlet explains the ‘used: very good’ product as ‘the packaging has some scratches, dents, and dirt.There are no noticeable scratches on the product.’
The author’s purchase history states, “The product itself is unused and in mint condition. There is some damage to the exterior.”
▼ Purchase and arrival of products
▼ Checking the exterior of the product
▼ Unpacking the product
▼ Confirmation of product operation, USB-C terminal of new cable
▼ Verification result summary

Purchase and arrival of goods

The ordered Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charging – USB-C Cable (1m) arrived after 3 days. When ordering, you can only select standard shipping, not prime shipping or next day arrival.
The arrived Apple Watch magnetic fast charging – USB-C cable (1m) has an “Amazon Outlet Inspected” sticker on it to distinguish it from a new one.
Amazon outlet cable review_09

Checking the exterior of the product

Let’s check the Amazon Outlet’s “Used: Very Good” product criteria for “the package has some scratches, dents, and dirt” and “the exterior has some damage”.
It was speculated that the deformation of the lid on the bottom of the package was the reason why it became an outlet product.
Amazon outlet cable review_02

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Amazon outlet cable review_03

Amazon outlet cable review_04

However, as it is explained that “the product itself is unused and as good as new”, there is no appearance that the package has been opened, and the contents seem to be new.

Product unpacking

I cut the green tab and opened it like a brand new Apple product.
Amazon outlet cable review_05

The Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charging – USB-C Cable (1m) has never been removed from the tray and is indeed as good as new (it is in fact new).
Amazon outlet cable review_06

Product operation check, new cable USB-C terminal

I connected the Apple Watch magnetic fast charging – USB-C cable (1m) purchased at the Amazon outlet to my favorite mobile battery, Anker 511 Power Bank (PowerCore Fusion 5000).
Amazon outlet cable review_07

The cable I purchased charged my Apple Watch Series 7 without issue.
Amazon outlet cable review_08

Comparing the Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charging – USB-C Cable (1m) purchased this time with the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (0.3m, USB-C), the Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charging – USB-C Cable (1m) You can see that 1: The USB-C terminal is long, 2: There is no protective sleeve, and 3: The cable is a little thick.
Amazon outlet cable review_10

Similar differences were noted with the Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE PRO Apple Watch portable fast charger.

Verification result summary

In addition to the “good” level of products sold at Amazon outlets, this time we verified “very good” products.
In the case of the product I purchased this time, part of the outer box was deformed, but the effect did not affect the contents and it was the same as a new product. Still, I was able to buy it at about 20% cheaper than a new one.
Apple products will be revamped on July 1, 2022, and will be significantly higher than before.
It is recommended if the product you plan to purchase is sold at an Amazon outlet and you are satisfied with the degree.
iPhone Mania provides almost daily information on Apple products sold at Amazon outlets.
Products sold by Amazon outlets are in different states. For details, please check the Amazon Outlet.
Reference page: Amazon outlet

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Source: iPhone Mania