December 4, 2022


iOS 16 introduces a new lock screen and has a wider range of customization than previous versions of the OS, but US media 9to5Mac points out that there are still some things that cannot be changed.

What is the new lock screen of iOS16?

While iOS 16’s new lock screen is quite different, it still feels familiar because it retains the basic aspects of the iOS interface.
Thanks to artificial intelligence that identifies objects in images, wallpapers are time-synchronized on the lock screen, and there are various filter options such as applying a specific color to the photo or turning it black and white. I’m here.
In addition, 8 types of clock styles have been added, and you can customize them with your favorite color. In addition, we have added the option to quickly refer to information with a widget on the lock screen.

May not be customizable

Widgets and clocks cannot be moved on the screen when customizing the lock screen on iOS16. All elements have a fixed grid and when you add a widget to your lock screen it will automatically be placed to the right or center of the screen depending on its size. No empty space is allowed between widgets.
Also, the flashlight and camera buttons that appear on the lock screen cannot be changed. All these widgets can do is redirect to their respective apps.
Live Activities allows developers to create lock screen cards that update various information in real time, but the API is not yet open to third-party apps. Also note that the new lock screen is iPhone specific and not available on iPadOS.
Source: 9to5Mac
Photo: Apple

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