February 8, 2023

Good video and some nice suggestions. My friends list shows just how much the game has unfortunately lost and I think that the moment a new top tier game is released this game is in big trouble if they don’t change some things.

About whales being happy… I was talking to a friend and said you know if they gave every player 50 legendary crests almost every whale wouldn’t care because first they get them too and secondly 50 isn’t going to make a huge deal at all.

What I’d love to see is an arena where everyone has the same power, call it the skill arena. As much as I’d love that arena I’d bet it would irritate a lot of whales that brag about how good they are. In every game I’ve played that had that mechanic the whales ignored that version of the arena and played the arena version that allowed access to their full power.

They introduced some bugs in season 2 that should be fixed for example the Necro legendary that gives immunity to displacement skills when using bone armor is not working properly now.

A new class would probably create the most buzz and as a player who loves building characters, I would enjoy it but if they give it a cost they might just get the opposite reaction… instead of buzz, more negativity and complaining.

Really love the idea of world event notifications… I mean most games have this and it shouldn’t be that hard to implement since we get alerted for lesser things.

The game was recently released in a diff market so I didn’t expect any change to the pay to win mechanic until the roll out is done in all countries or people really drop off.

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One more thing, even though I’m an immortal, please for the love of god make changes to assembly because the current version sux so bad with a great majority away from keyboard the whole time, people who won’t buff because the afk people didn’t buff or people being unable to target and give or receive a buff… rework that whole garbage event!