November 27, 2022

Thanks for being very objective in your review, because not gonna lie, based on the title I was about to prepare a whole rant (too many people speak badly about her in very harsh ways by calling her “trash” and stuff like that, and us Noelle mains are often being ridiculed, so I was assuming it was another one of those cases).
I just want to add that you forgot what’s the best and lowest-investment battery for Noelle: the geo traveler! Even in the KQM guide it’s considered the best geo battery, so “problem 3: units” is not actually that much of a problem. Also having a Gorou c4 helps IMMENSELY with Noelle’s dps (which I know, it’s still kind of high investment, but the payoff is absurdly good).

PS: an interesting fun fact is that lore-wise she’s arguably the strongest human we’ve ever met, so much that in one of her hangouts Mihoyo made a One-Punch Man reference where she said she does “100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and running two laps around Monstadt as a morning routine” and she even considers it “just basic strenght and endurance training”. She also accidentally destroyed due to sheer strenght every single weapon the blacksmith gave her and drove him almost to tears, until he gave her a claymore.

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