November 30, 2022

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Korean media The Elec reported that China CSOT is likely to start supplying LCD displays for the MacBook series and iPad series.

The chairman of the parent company will visit Apple soon and have a meeting

According to The Elec, CSOT’s parent company, TCL Chairman Li Tonshan of China, will visit Apple soon.
The purpose of the visit by Chairman Li Tonshan is to meet with the delivery of LCD displays for the MacBook series and iPad series, The Elec reports.
CSOT is competing with BOE, with BOE for small organic EL (OLED) displays for smartphones and CSOT for liquid crystal displays for tablets and laptops.
CSOT is also aiming to supply OLED for iPhone, and it seems that the OLED production line study team for iPhone was also launched in the first half of 2022 (January to June).

Supply ratio of each supplier

The Elec predicts that these moves by CSOT will affect LG Display as well as the BOE in the future.
According to an Omedia survey, the share of LCD displays for the MacBook series by supplier is 55% (14.8 million units) for LG Display, 28% (7.5 million units) for Sharp, and 17% (4.5 million units) for BOE. increase.
LG Display is expected to supply 63% (4.2 million units) and BOE is expected to supply 37% (2.5 million units) of the 13.6-inch LCD display for the new MacBook Air.
It is rumored that the iPad Pro will have an LCD display until 2024 and the MacBook Pro will have an LCD display until 2025, after which it will move to an OLED display.
Source: The Elec

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