February 7, 2023

iPad (10th generation) rendered image

It seems that the Touch ID of the iPad (10th generation), which is rumored to be released this fall, may be integrated with the top button unlike the conventional model.

Home button is abolished by top button integrated Touch ID adoption?

According to multiple Chinese sources, Mac OTAKARA reports that the Touch ID of the iPad (10th generation) may be integrated with the top button like the iPad mini (6th generation).
If it is true, the home button is likely to be abolished, and in the future, the iPhone SE (3rd generation) may be the only Apple product equipped with a home button.

FaceTime HD camera placed on the right side of the bezel?

In addition, Mac OTAKARA points out that the FaceTime HD camera of the iPad (10th generation) may change significantly, and the FaceTime HD camera may be mounted on the right side of the bezel.
When using the center frame function of the FaceTime HD camera, it is easier to use the main unit sideways, so it is considered to be a position change assuming that it is used sideways.
However, it is better to consider it as one of the possibilities, as it is said that “all these information are speculation and the accuracy remains unknown”.
The iPad (10th generation) is rumored to have undergone major design changes, such as the abolishment of the earphone jack, and in early August, MySmartPrice released a rendering image based on CAD data.
Source: Mac OTAKARA
Photo: MySmartPrice

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Source: iPhone Mania