November 30, 2022

iPhone14 Pro 13 Pro geekbench

The site “Chongdiantou”, which reports the disassembly report of Apple’s genuine power adapter, uses 11 types of power adapters with different outputs from 18 watts (W) to 140 W, iPhone14 Pro Max and iPhone13. We compared the wired charging speeds of the Pro Max.

Rumored to support 30W fast charging

It was rumored that the iPhone14 Pro series would support 30W fast charging and that the wired charging speed would be faster than the iPhone13 Pro series, but what was the result?
In the “Charging Head Network (Chongdiantou)” comparison test, the charging speeds of iPhone14 Pro Max and iPhone13 Pro Max were compared using various chargers with different USB-C power rules.
As a result, it was confirmed that the 18W power adapter and the 20W power adapter each have the maximum charging speed, and even if you use a 29W power adapter or higher output, the maximum wired charging speed is 27W.
From this comparison test, it was concluded that the iPhone14 Pro Max and iPhone13 Pro Max have the same wired charging speed.


Source: CHARGE HEAD NET via Notebookcheck
Photo: Apple

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