January 29, 2023

Image of wirelessly charging the Pixel series

Major OS updates are always accompanied by bugs, but another new problem was reported for the Pixel series.
It seems that wireless charging may not be possible after updating to Android 13.

Pixel series that will not be able to charge wirelessly

This issue has been reported by many Pixel users on Reddit.
It has been reported that wireless charging has become impossible on various models of the Pixel series, but it is said that there are many reports from Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL users in particular.
As for the charger, it does not occur only when using a specific manufacturer’s charger, but it seems to occur with chargers of various manufacturers.
Some users have posted that rebooting into safe mode and then into normal mode fixed the issue, but for others this didn’t work and there is no definitive solution so far.
Also, Google has not yet issued an official position on this issue.

Update to Android 13 with a series of problems

Multiple bugs have already been reported regarding the Pixel series update to Android 13.
Among them are that Android 12 was delivered instead of Android 13, and that RCS will not be available.
Problems are inevitable with major OS updates, but I want them to be resolved as soon as possible.

Source: Reddit via Android Authority

Source: iPhone Mania

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