December 2, 2022

The new NPC Update brings new way of earning so much cash!
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Roblox Jailbreak brings in new Airdrop and NPC and you can take advantage of this to earn a lot of money! How to earn money fast in Jailbreak? I will show in this video.

This will be the best Jailbreak grinding method! But watch out, these NPCs are armed and can hurt you! When the crate drops, the battle begin!

THE NPC UPDATE comes with:
🪂 All new AIRDROPS! With bigger rewards including safes!
☠️ ARMED NPC Guards! Take them down on either team!
🚂 NEW Cargo Train Boxcars! Four types!
🔥 9 NEW Safe Prizes to win!
🚀 Improved Performance, and new “Level of Detail” setting!

There are 4 types of Bandits, and they hate both Criminals and Police, WHAT? Bandits will guard the crate at all costs. You’ll need to take them down!
(1) The BODYGUARD. He guards the crate and the crew and uses Pistol
(2) The CHASER. He chase down any nearby players and uses SHOTGUN
(3) The ENFORCER. He guard the crate and deal heavy damage and he uses Rifle
(4) The SNIPER. He proect the crate and he uses SNIPER.

There’s also more than one type of crate! Each with different difficulties! Best of all, you can team up. We reward all players who contributed a valiant effort to the fight.

Next Jailbreak Update will have more great safe prizes!
– Revolver & Forged Rims
– Spares Spoiler
– Reactor & Radioactive Rims
– Propeller Rims
– Safe Painting Furniture Item
– Dragon Chaser Rims
– Carbon Fire Vehicle Skin

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Say Goodbye to the TAP ARREST that many do not think it is fair in Jailbreak game play.

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