November 30, 2022

First of all, your suggested naming scheme makes less sense than the current one, which went askew with the 3900X and 3950X.

The only problem I have with the Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9 ties is that there is no room for a 24C/48T SKU. Otherwise, the Ryzen 3 being 6/C/12T, Ryzen 5 being 8C/16T, Ryzen 7 being 12C/24T, and Ryzen 9 being 16C/42T make sense. However, with the possible exception of the 7900X, the rest of the naming is absurd. Assuming that the 16C/32T tier will be the highest Ryzen tier available, The extensions should be 5600(X) for 6C/12T, 5700(X) for 8C/16T, 5800(X) for 12C/24T, and 5900(X) for 16C/32T.

Additionally, your peicing is pure fantasy. It could make some sense just before the launch of Zen 5, but The MRSPs at launch should be closer to those of Zen 3, starting with the 12C/24T Ryzen 7 7800X being $499, the Ryzen 9 7900X should be $649, the Ryzen 5 7700X should be $329, and the Ryzen 3 7600X should be $249. These are, of course, MSRPs, and AMD can adjust contract pricing to be competitive with Intel.

If and when a 7000 series analog to the Ryzen 5500 is introduced, it could be at the $149 MSRP.

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